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Seasonal Hive Shares featuring our local wild ales delivered spring, summer, fall & winter to your door

Seasonal Hive Shares
March + June + September +December

Thank you for your support! By becoming a Hive member, you will gain access to seasonal Plan Bee bottles and merchandise while avoiding lines or needing to worry about missing out on special releases. And now, we are shipping quarterly all over the entire state of New York!! It has never been easier to show your support of Plan Bee’s principles and ideals while getting to drink your favorite wild ales.

Our Hive membership functions much like a CSA (community shared agriculture) you would find at your local farmers market. As a member, you receive access to our 100% seasonal, locally sourced wild ales plus extras. If you have an address in New York and are 21 or over, we can ship our Summer Hive Share directly to you. 

Don't have a NY address for delivery? No problem! Now offering Hive memberships for non-New York residents. We can hold your Hive Shares for a later pick up from the farm. All bottles must be picked up at the farm every 12 months. Simply email when you are ready to schedule your pick up.

Check out below for the latest Hive Share that will be ready for pick up/ship out in June 2019.

The Details: Summer Hive Share 

All quarterly shipments will always include our 100% NYS seasonal beers, swag and FREE SHIPPING  

Shipment for the Summer Hive Share 
First day of summer - June 21st, 2019 

Access to our seasonal HIVE EXCLUSIVE EVENTS
The next one is Sunday July, 21st. Hive members & their guests will join us for our Hive BBQ on the farm. Tickets available for members only. 

Summer Hive Share items:

  • (1) 375mL BARN BEER - (5.5%abv) 
    NYS organic 6-row barley & organic red wheat grown @ Stone House Farms (Hudson, NY), barley malted @ Hudson Valley Malt (Germantown, NY)
    Hopped with Perle from Crooked Creek (Poughquag, NY) & Chinook from Chimney Bluff (Wolcott, NY)
    Fermented with our house mixed culture from our raw honey and honey comb on the farm (Poughkeepsie, NY)

    Coolship cooled and fermented in oak.
    Lemon/pine hop notes. Subtly tart, soft, & lemony. white oak. Juicy & satisfying, dances btw fruity & funky yeast.

  • (1) 375mL PRECIOUS - (6%abv) 
    NYS organic 6-row barley & organic red wheat grown @ Stone House Farms (Hudson, NY), barley malted @ Hudson Valley Malt (Germantown, NY)
    Hopped with Perle from Crooked Creek (Poughquag, NY)  

    Coolship cooled and fermented with our house mixed culture
    Aged in oak & refermented on 400# of apricots from Bittner-Singer Orchards (Appleton, NY) 

  • (1) 375mL BLUFF - (7%abv)
    NYS organic 6-row barley & organic red wheat grown @ Stone House Farms (Hudson, NY), barley malted @ Hudson Valley Malt (Germantown, NY), coolship cooled, fermented with our house mixed culture and aged in oak.  

    8 hour boil gives this beer funky, carmalized pinapple flavor,
     hopped with 100% NYS Chinook hops from Chimney Bluff Hoppery (Wolcott, NY)

  • (1) 750mL HUITLACOCHE - (4.3%abv)
    NYS organic 6-row barley grown @ Stone House Farms (Hudson, NY), barley malted @ Hudson Valley Malt (Germantown, NY) Unmalted heirloom corn hand planted & harvested at Plan Bee (Poughkeepsie, NY) which included varietals Bloody Butcher, Ohio Blue Clarage, & Reid's Yellow Dent. Hopped with 100% Saaz from Chimney Bluff Hoppery (Wolcott, NY) Coolship cooled and fermented with our house mixed culture & aged in oak.

  • (1) 750mL SURF & TURF - (5.5%abv)
    Collaboration with Jeramy Biggie from Commonwealth Brewery (Virginia Beach, VA) brewed on Plan Bee's farm in September 2018.
    Jeramy is the surfer, Evan is the turfer! 

    All grains from NYS, coolship cooled and fermented with our house mixed culture on Plan Bee farm grown lemongrass, lemon verbena, & lemon basil, while Jeramy delivered his own grown globe amaranth and patchouli.

    Herbaceous, lemon, nutty oak, brightness and acidity. 
    One of a kind brew, limited bottles!

  • Plan Bee Custom denim cap with embossed leather patch 

  • Plan Bee 5oz tasting bell

  • 12oz raw honey  

  • Logo Stickers

  • $10 Gift Certificate for TapRm to order extra bottles to come with your shipment

  • Access to purchase EXCLUSIVE Summer Hive BBQ tickets for Sunday, July 21st 

Additional Benefits for Hive Members ONLY:

  • Access to exclusive Hive ONLY bottles for additional purchase

  • Monthly Hive exclusive newsletter

  • Exclusive Hive event for members and their guests only

  • First access to Plan Bee event tickets to general public events, festivals, music events, etc.