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Seasonal Hive Shares featuring our local wild ales delivered spring, summer, fall & winter to your door

Seasonal Hive Shares
March + June + September +December

Thank you for your support! By becoming a Hive member, you will gain access to seasonal Plan Bee bottles and merchandise while avoiding lines or needing to worry about missing out on special releases. And now, we are shipping quarterly all over the entire state of New York!! It has never been easier to show your support of Plan Bee’s principles and ideals while getting to drink your favorite wild ales.

Our Hive membership functions much like a CSA (community shared agriculture) you would find at your local farmers market. As a member, you receive access to our 100% seasonal, locally sourced wild ales plus extras. If you have an address in New York and are 21 or over, we can ship our Summer Hive Share directly to you. 

Don't have a NY address for delivery? No problem! Now offering Hive memberships for non-New York residents. We can hold your Hive Shares for a later pick up from the farm. All bottles must be picked up at the farm every 12 months. Simply email when you are ready to schedule your pick up.

Check out below for the latest Hive Share that will be ready for pick up/ship out in December 2019.

The Details: Winter Hive Share

All quarterly shipments will always include our 100% NYS seasonal beers, swag and FREE SHIPPING  

Shipment for the Winter Hive Share 
December 15th, 2019

Access to our seasonal HIVE EXCLUSIVE EVENTS
The next one is Sunday January 26th for our Winter Hive Event which takes place in the barn. We close down to the public and offer live music, food & beverage. Bottle share, board games & brewery tours. It comes at the end of January so everyone can recover from the holiday season before coming back out to join us for the day on the farm!

Winter Hive Share items:

  • (1) 375mL SAVAGE - (6% abv)
    NY wild ale, coolship-cooled, aged in a single neutral oak barrel on Plan Bee's foraged black raspberries & blackberries. Very small batch, less than 500 bottles! Balanced acidity, oak & subtle fruit notes. 

    (1) 375mL MAY-WEED - (6%abv)
    NY wild ale, coolship-cooled and barrel aged for 3 years, each year we stuffed the barrel with our wild chamomile, also known as may-weed or pineapple weed, this one is beautifully balanced and gives off strong flavors of sweet chamomile, oak & cinnamon like spice notes. 

    (1) 375mL NASTURTIUM - (5.5% abv) 
    NY wild ale, coolship-cooled and referemented on Plan Bee's nasturtium flowers. Zippy and peppery flowers add a little bit of a punch to this tangy, dry finish.  

    (1) 750mL GRAF - (5.5% abv)
    A collaboration with Rose Hill Farms (Red Hook, NY) -  a spontaneous co-fermention, equal parts Plan Bee wort & Rose Hill's pressed apple juice aged in red & white wine barrels. Sharp crisp apple, high acidity, and effervescent.  

    (1) 750mL HAY - (4.4% abv) 
    coolship cooled, 100% NY ingredient table beer brewed with aged hops and barley, wheat, rye, & oats. Fruity & soft with balanced acidity. 

    • Plan Bee original flannel patterned hat w/ leather logo patch

    • Plan Bee glass - Rastal Harmony glass (7.8 oz) with gold bee logo

    • Access to purchase EXCLUSIVE Winter Hive tickets for Sunday, January 26th

    • Additional Benefits for Hive Members ONLY:

    • Access to exclusive Hive ONLY bottles for additional purchase

    • Hive exclusive newsletter

    • First access to Plan Bee event tickets to general public events, festivals, music events, etc.