Boston Hive

Thank you for your support! By becoming a Hive member, you will gain access to every brew we produce at Plan Bee while avoiding lines at our farm stand or needing to worry about missing out on releases. Much like your local farmers CSA, members pay a monthly fee to receive our seasonal harvest but instead of getting a box of fruits, veggies and herbs, all our harvests are processed into beer! 

January 1st - June 30th (6 months)

Each membership includes 6 bottles per month. That said, you CAN purchase 2 membership units if you want 12. You will receive a membership number that will be used to identify your allotment.

We are partnering with Craft Collective to make this a possibility. Big thanks to the team there for thinking outside the box with us to make this work.

Pick up location:
We have partnered with Ken and his team at Crafted Beer & Wine Merchants located at 400 Washington St, Holliston, MA. They have a wonderful bottle shop and the trip will hopefully allow for a broader "haul" if that fancies you. It' was important for us to try and be somewhat centrally located for western mass consumers as well as the Boston market - and Ken's shop is 45 minutes west of Boston and 45 minutes east of Worcester.

Pick up process:
You will have 45 days to pick up your beer for that month... which we believe is plenty of time. After that, due to inventory / space management realities the beer will be put on the shelf for general sale at a price set by Crafted. You will not be charged for beer you don't pick up, but the access to them at $15 and guaranteed allotment will no longer be in play (more on this in payment section).

If you are not able to pick up the beer during that window, you CAN use a proxy - as long as they have your membership number.  That said, sharing the membership number and name falls on the responsibility of the member.

Membership Fee:
There is a $50 membership fee which gets you:

  • Your membership and access to the beer program
  • An exclusive Plan Bee Teku Glass
  • HIVE pricing on all beer (all bottles will be $15 dollars during the 45 day window) 
  • We will hold at least one member event during the year exclusive to Hive
  • Access to Plan Bee's "Magnum Program"

You will pay the monthly fee of $90 per 6 bottles at the retail location. Payment will be due upon pick up and you will not be charged if you don't pick up an allotment. 

What Kind Of Beers Can I Expect:
Our beers reflect the climate and agriculture of our property and region. We have a coolship, open fermenters, and barrel age most beers. Funk, tart, farmhouse, sour, crisp, dry, are some of the more common attributes you will find. We use lots of fruit , herbs, and flowers from our farm. 

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You will receive 6 or 12 of our 750 mL bottles a month. This might include duplicates but it is possible you will only receive 1 of each style (depending on how much we brew that month). There is a discount for purchasing your membership upfront. This membership does not include any distribution of bottles. It will require members to pick up their bottles either at Plan Bee Farm Brewery or at another location agreed upon.
If you think there is any additional information we might need, please provide it here.

By submitting this form, you are requesting to become a part of the Hive. You will be responsible for paying a one-time, nonrefundable membership fee of $50 which will be collected after your application has been approved. You will receive a confirmation email once approved. Thank you for your support!