New York City Hive

Thank you for your support! By becoming a Hive member, you will gain access to every brew we produce at Plan Bee while avoiding lines at our farm stand or needing to worry about missing out on releases. Much like your local farmers CSA, members pay a monthly fee to receive our seasonal harvest but instead of getting a box of fruits, veggies and herbs, all our harvests are processed into beer! 

January 1st thru June 30th (6 months)


  • Guaranteed 6 or 12 bottles a month
  • Flat rate of $15 per bottle, regardless of style
  • If you pay up front for all beer, you receive a discount
  • Exclusive access to online bottle shop to purchase additional bottles
  • Free exclusive Hive teku glassware (1 per person)
  • First access to Plan Bee event tickets and merchandise 
  • Bottles will be held for pick up (no shipping)
  • Access to Plan Bee's "Magnum Program"
  • We will hold all beer for the duration of the membership, with all bottles picked up by the end of the membership term


By joining the Hive, you will secure your monthly bottles without having to wait in the farmstand line or worry about missing out on bottles at our releases. You can choose 6 or 12 bottles per month, you will be guaranteed at least one of everything we brew. 

By joining the NYC Hive, we will bring down your bottles monthly OR bottles can be picked up at the farm located in Poughkeepsie. You may pick up during the week by appointment or during our farmstand hours. There is NO MINIMUM PICK UP REQUIRED which means you can store your bottles until you are ready to pick up either in the city or visit the farm. 

NYC Drop off:

Each month, we will drive down membership shares to a craft beer bar. It is usually on Sunday from 1-5pm but an email with the exact date/time/location is sent out monthly. Members MUST meet Evan or Emily at the location during the hours of drop off. Bottles cannot be left behind at the bar. To ensure members receive their shares, we need to hand them to the member or the members proxy. Here is a list of bars we have dropped off in the past: GingerMan, One Mile House, Broadway Dive Bar, Rattle n' Hum. 

Picking up @ the farm:

You are able to pick up by appointment at the farm. To make an appointment, simply email to confirm a day and time you will be stopping by. Appointments can be made for any day and don't have to only be during farmstand hours. We try to keep Monday open as the only day we have off but otherwise if we are at the farm then we can make appointments! Please request an appointment at least 24 hours in advance and be sure you receive a confirmation email before heading our way. 

You may use a proxy to pick up your beer for you if you are not able to pick it up yourself. Please email and let me know who will be picking up for you at least 24 hours in advance. 

Membership Fee:

There is a $50 membership fee to join the Hive which covers all the benefits (above). This fee will also help cover our labor and time organizing pick ups & drop offs and it will cover the storage of the bottles until you are ready to pick up! Just as a reminder, there is no minimum pick up required but all bottles must be picked up by the end of the year.

You can pay for your bottles monthly or you can pay for all 5 months upfront. If you decide to pay for all 5 months up front, we will take 50% off your first month (a discount of $45 or $90 depending on your monthly bottle quantity). If you do not wish to pay up front, we will need to keep a card on file which we will automatically charge monthly. 

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You will receive 6 or 12 of our 750 mL bottles a month. This might include duplicates but it is possible you will only receive 1 of each style (depending on how much we brew that month). There is a discount for purchasing your membership upfront. This membership does not include any distribution of bottles. It will require members to pick up their bottles either at Plan Bee Farm Brewery or at another location agreed upon.
We will only accept credit/debit cards (Amex, Discover, VISA, MasterCard) if you decide to be charged monthly. We will only accept cash or credit if you decide to pay for your membership up front. We do not accept checks. If you provide a credit card that is to be charged monthly and it comes up declined, you will receive an email notification. We ask that you please provide a new card for your file within 7 days or your membership could be subject to termination.
Proxy (if applicable)
Proxy (if applicable)
We understand, it might be difficult to pick up your bottles due to distance of travel or a busy schedule. If you need a designated proxy to pick up your bottles for you please provide their information here. We ask that you only hold one proxy at a time and if you need to change your proxy at any time, please email All proxies must be 21 or older. We will ask them to show their ID for identification purposes when picking up (until we get to know their lovey faces). We are not responsible for the actions of your proxy so make sure you pick a good one that will actually deliver your bottles to you!
If you think there is any additional information we might need, please provide it here.

By submitting this form, you are requesting to become a part of the Hive. You will be responsible for paying a one-time, nonrefundable membership fee of $50 which will be collected after your application has been approved. You will receive a confirmation email once approved. Thank you for your support!