THE Hive

Thank you for your support! By becoming a Hive member, you will gain access to rare Plan Bee bottles while avoiding lines or needing to worry about missing out on special releases. Check out the terms below and if you are prepared to sign up, click on the payment link below to secure your spot!! 

NOTE: Deadline to sign up is July 15, 2017

Membership Term: 
July 1st to December 30th, 2017


  • $200 per member, paid up front before July 15th, 2017
  • Included bottles: 8 - 375mL bottles from 4 special release events which means you will get 2 - 375 mL from each of these events. 
  • $50 gift certificate for Plan Bee merchandise & bottles through online store 
  • Access to exclusive Hive ONLY bottle shop online - no limits on purchasing anything we have in our inventory to be held with your 8 membership bottles for pick up
  • Additional 10% discount on Plan Bee merchandise (bottles excluded) throughout the 6 months 
  • Monthly Hive exclusive newsletter 
  • All bottles must be picked up before December 31st, 2017
    • no refund or bottles available after membership ends
  • Exclusive Hive event in November for members and their guests only
  • First access to Plan Bee event tickets to general public events, festivals, music events, etc.
  • Proxy for pick up, not a problem! 
  • No shipping, pick up required for bottles

Pricing per bottle

These 375mL work out to be $12.50 each for the Hive - $50 for the membership + $50 gift certificate, that would make the bottles $12.50 each which is a discount from the $15 general public sale price. The membership fee helps cover the cost associated with of our time, logistics, storage and organizing guarantee bottles for members. 

Batch size

These releases will be under a new label indicating a special reserve series. Consisting of only a fraction of a normal batch size and sourced primarily from a single barrel. The bottle count on these releases will be <500 - 375mL which would be equivalent to about 200 - 750mL as apposed to our typical 1000 - 750mL per batch. The public will have access to some of these bottles but the majority will only go to the Hive. 

BTW Hive members are welcome to come to these releases to purchase additional bottles if desire. 

Online Store

Our online bottle shop gives members the flexibility to purchase the bottles they want, in the quantities they want with no minimum purchase required. Again, all these bottles will be stored with the only request that you pick up all your bottles by the end of the 6 months. 

NO NYC Drop Offs

Unfortunately, due to the increased foot traffic at the farm we will no longer be able to offer NYC drop offs for the Fall term. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully members will be able to travel at least once in November or December to pick up all their bottles. As a reminder, we are only 3 miles from the Metro North Poughkeepsie stop and the smaller, lighter and fewer bottles makes traveling with your shares super duper easy! 

Bottle Pick UP

All bottles must be picked up at the farm located in Poughkeepsie. You may pick up during the week by appointment or during our farmstand hours. There is NO MINIMUM PICK UP REQUIRED which means you can store your bottles until you are ready to visit the farm. 

To make an appointment, simply email to confirm a day and time you will be stopping by. Appointments can be made for any day and don't have to only be during farmstand hours. We try to keep Monday open as the only day we have off but otherwise if we are at the farm then we can make appointments! Please request an appointment at least 24 hours in advance and be sure you receive a confirmation email before heading our way. 

You may use a proxy to pick up your beer for you if you are not able to pick it up yourself. Please email and let me know who will be picking up for you at least 24 hours in advance.

By completing the payment of $200 before July 15, 2017 through the link below, you will secure your spot for the Fall 2017 Hive membership. No additional information required, follow up to come after completed.