Hive membership

Spring 2019
January - June

Thank you for your support! By becoming a Hive member, you will gain access to rare Plan Bee bottles while avoiding lines or needing to worry about missing out on special releases. Check out the terms below and if you are prepared to sign up, click on the payment link below to secure your spot!! 

NOTE: Deadline to sign up is February 1st, 2019

Membership Term: 
January 1st through June 30th, 2019

This term, we are going to be creating 10 different styles of beers which we will put into multiple formats for Hive members. Each member will get included in the membership fee:

  • 4 - 375mL bottles of 4 different style beers

  • 4 - 750mL bottles of 4 different style beers

  • 2 - 1.5 L (or magnum) bottles of 2 different style beers

For a total of 10 different beers!! These styles will be determined by current barrel aging and future local harvest of fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc. We get this question often but these 10 different bottles, members do not get to choose the style. HOWEVER, the online bottle shop allows you to purchase additonal bottles of any style and in any quantity outside of the membership fee. 

This guarantees each member 10 exclusively chosen beers without having to worry about missing out on any thing! While members that are eager to purchase more, have the flexibility to chose which styles and how much of each they would like additionally. All bottles are held at the farm with no minimum pick up required. We only ask that you at least pick up all bottles by the end of the membership! 

If members can not pick up directly, you can assign a proxy to pick up for you! All you have to do is email with a name and a date/time we should expect your proxy. Easy!! 

Additional Benefits for Hive Members ONLY:

  • Access to exclusive Hive ONLY bottle shop online - no limits on purchasing anything we have in our inventory to be held for later pick up. This is where we put archived inventory or styles that have only a few cases left. Purchase all the bottles you couldn't get your hands on if you were not a part of the Hive!!!

  • Additional 10% discount on Plan Bee merchandise (bottles excluded) throughout the 6 months

  • Monthly Hive exclusive newsletter

  • All bottles must be picked up before


    • no refund or bottles available after membership ends

  • Exclusive Hive event for members and their guests only

  • First access to Plan Bee event tickets to general public events, festivals, music events, etc.

Bottle Pick UP

All bottles must be picked up at the farm located in Poughkeepsie. You may pick up during the week by appointment or during our tasting room hours. There is NO MINIMUM PICK UP REQUIRED which means you can store your bottles until you are ready to visit the farm. 

To make an appointment, simply email to confirm a day and time you will be stopping by. Appointments can be made for any day and don't have to only be during tasting room hours. Please request an appointment at least 24 hours in advance and be sure you receive a confirmation email before heading our way. 

NYC Drop Off

This year, we decided to do one (1) NYC drop off at the end of the Hive membership! In the past, we did one drop off a month but due to the volume of traffic at the farm we can't commit to that many drop offs. We will do the drop off in July after the membership ends and bring down all your bottles (your 10 guaranteed bottles PLUS any bottles you order through the online store)! We will hold the drop off at a beer bar (TBA) in the city and make it a get together for the day to share a beer and pick up your shares!! 

You may use a proxy to pick up your beer for you if you are not able to pick it up yourself. Please email and let me know who will be picking up for you at least 24 hours in advance. You can also send a proxy for the NYC drop off if you can't make the day of the event. 

By completing the payment of $200 before January 30th, 2019 through the link below, you will secure your spot for the Spring 2019 Hive membership. No additional information required, follow up to come after completed.